Monday, November 3, 2008

Creating time for Joy

Life has been very busy lately; we moved my father from his independent apartment to assisted living within the La Posada complex ( his bone cancer is progressing unfortunately), and James had the first of his cataract surgeries ( which turned out great!). I've found it ever more important to make time in my life for those moments of joy brought on by creativity; otherwise life can become a continual series of unending chores. James and I have started updating our stamp albums together; it's fun, cheap, and appeals to my organizational sense. We welcome all donations of used stamps from our family and friends. I've also created a 2008 Christmas wall-hanging and am working on a set of 6 Christmas placemats ( we plan to invite friends over) and small Christmas gifts for friends. It amazes me how calming and satisfying creating something with my hands is; it completely removes any existing stress in my day!

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