Thursday, August 28, 2008

Creating Humility

Oh what would we do without our good friends to keep us honest about ourselves. My friend Judith reminded me that she hadn't seen anything in my blog about the "ladder" incident - more often called "intimate encounter with a snail" in our house. About a month ago I was busy creating an accent wall in the master bedroom - painting the bay window wall a soft teal blue called Water Dance to match the colors of accents I had used in the room. I was really enamored of the color and how well it matched our ocean bed quilt and three ceramic snails I had recently finished in a fun evening class with friends. Well, in all this musing I missed the last step on my 4-step ladder as I came down from painting for the last time, careened into the hope chest, fell over the planter with the artificial fern, and sat down HARD right on top of Papa snail's eye stalks! How do explain to your coworkers the next day that you are limping because you have a 6" round snail bruise on your behind. God is the best at teaching me to laugh at myself, and not to get too big a head about my creativity! And thanks to Judith for reminding me that we all need at least one good laugh a day - so from my creative self, here's yours for the day.

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